Gifts & Specials




Sports Card

Use your Sports Card and AYCM SportPass Card for a refreshing flight at Superfly Air Sports Trampoline Park!




Flight Box

Our Flight Box Gift Pack is available in our ticket shop for 11,990 Ft!




  • BOTTLE: High quality black Superfly branded 0.75 liter aluminum bottle
  • FLIGHT TICKET: 2 60-minute Free flight VIP tickets
  • BRACELET: 1 personalized bracelet
  • SOCKS: 1 pair of Superfly socks with a brand new design
  • TOWEL: 1 x 40x50 cm black towel with Superfly logo



After School Pass

Buy our After School Pass for 10.000 FT at checkout and get 30 days discount.




  • Valid student ID card
  • 30 days expiration
  • Available every weekday
  • You can jump 1 hour a day with the pass
  • On weekends / holidays the pass cannot be used
  • The promotion runs until August 30, 2019