Our renewed website and the online booking is now available!

Open Flight

The free flight pleasure.


Tumbling Lane

Intensify your jumps and fly over our 15m long trampoline track.

Balance Court

Test your skills and body control on our Rolling Barrels and Battle Beam.

Ninja Parcours

Are you a warrior? Face the challenge and fight your way through the obstacles.

Main Court

The sky is the limit! Our huge trampoline landscape guarantees the ultimate flight experience.

Waterfall Trampoline

Experience the free flight and land gently in our foam pit.

Wall Tramp

Like a pro: Let yourself fall into the trampoline and run vertically up the wall again.

Swing Fall

Heights? Then swing through the air and land softly in the foam pool.

Flying Dunk

Take off and perfect your dunking skills!

360 Degree walk

Experience the park before you arrive Experience now!


Our trampoline park meets the highest standards with a highly innovative and unique style, providing the best SELFIE SPOT in town!


Our Budapest trampoline park is extremely attractive and diverse. You can relax in a cozy and cool atmosphere in over 22,000 sq ft.